Our Commitment

Whether you manage a retired brownfield site, own a surplus property, or work with brownfield real estate, you want certainty that you will not face financial surprises or environmental liability.

That’s why Real Estate Recovery Capital operates every day on these core commitments.
Abandoned oil pump on brownfield site requiring environmental remediation
Railroad tracks in abandoned brownfield site requiring environmental remediation
Ditch being constructed in brownfield site
Abandoned energy plant with water tower on surplus property or brownfield sites

We close quickly.

We have the expertise on staff to offer short due diligence periods and avoid unnecessary delays during the closing process.

We have dedicated capital.

When we purchase, there are no financing contingencies.

We purchase “as-is” with all faults.

RERC will take on some or all of the existing liability, depending on your needs in the transaction.

We provide timelines for environmental remediation.

We are serious about seeing each property through to regulatory closure.

We ensure the site is put back to use.

Our revitalized properties improve local economies and result in a healthier environment.

We handle everything.

With our extensive brownfield experience and our connections with other experts, we can resolve any issue that arises as we remediate and prepare the site for redevelopment.
Grass with skyscraper background on brownfield site
Ventura CA field in desert (brownfield site)

We offer a capital-backed commitment to remediate challenging sites and prepare them for their highest and best use.